Astro's Galaxy

Available on Google Play with over 100,000 downloads!
Play it online here, functional in any modern desktop browser. (Some loading time possible.)
Run and jump around planets in 3D!
Astro's Galaxy is a personal project that I work on in my free time. It's made in Unity3D, written in C# and showcases gravity similar to "Super Mario Galaxy." All audio and most artwork is taken from Unity Technologies demos.


Faux gravity character physics
360-degree draggable camera
Intuitive touch controls
Inspired by classic 3D platformer and adventure games

Astro's Galaxy - Screenshot 1   Astro's Galaxy - Screenshot 2   Astro's Galaxy - Screenshot 3


HTML5 MiniGolf

Available on the Chrome Web Store!
Play it online here, functional in any HTML5 compliant browser.
MiniGolf was developed to test the features of my custom HTML5 game engine. The user-interface is inspired by "Wii Sports."


Nine holes
Pickup-and-play gameplay

Engine Features

Works in any HTML5 compliant browser, such as iOS, Android, desktop, Wii U or New 3DS
Asset preloading upfront or between scenes
Collisions and physics
Multi-touch, mouse and keyboard user input
Positioning, scaling, rotation and parenting of objects
Sprite sheet animation

HTML5 MiniGolf - Screenshot 1   HTML5 MiniGolf - Screenshot 2   HTML5 MiniGolf - Screenshot 3


HTML5 Adventure Game

Play it online here, functional in any HTML5 compliant browser.
This is a small demo to test more features of my HTML5 game engine. It showcases unique controls for different platforms, pixel-perfect graphics scaling and character movement similar to "The Legend of Zelda" games for the Game Boy.


Keyboard or mouse controls on desktop
Intuitive touch controls on mobile
Joystick or d-pad controls on the Wii U
Pixel-perfect graphics scaling
Tile-based collision detection
Character slides smoothly around corners where barely colliding

HTML5 Adventure Game Demo - Screenshot 1   HTML5 Adventure Game Demo - Screenshot 2

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